The Tao is a spiritual path that takes its inspiration and teachings from nature. Like water streaming down from a mountaintop, so too does the Tao pour forth her divinity to us.

We are reminded by Lao Tzu, 6th century author of the Tao Te Ching, to act like water in our lives and dealings as water acts in nature. 

The water, as it descends makes no plans.  It flows and knows no obstacles. When faced with  a challenge, it simply goes around, above or under it. It is supple, flexible and humble.  It does not compete. Although it has tremendous power, it does not force. It flows. 

The water metaphor tells us the less we force things the less we are met with resistance. When we let go of control and allow ourselves to flow with what life has presented to us, we actually obtain our goals with less effort. When life calls us to action, become like a river. When life asks us to stop and take a breath, become like a pool. Water is not passive yet it is still. Water has no agenda, yet it is power.

Let us be like water.  Let us be the Tao. 

— Rev. Dr. Diane Rooney

Heal the body, mind, and spirit through Taoist Principles


Diane became interested in Taoism when she first embarked upon the path of Chinese Medicine in 1998.  Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Chinese medicinals, breath and meditation are all components of the ancient tradition called Taoism. 

Because of her interest and love of this ancient and indigenous path, Diane went on to get her doctorate in Taoism with a concentration on Taoist self-healing techniques.  

Diane’s offers both on-line and in-person classes and is available for individual tutoring in qi gong, neigong, breath work, sound work, and visualization.  Her sole purpose is to help others learn to help bring healing to themselves through these techniques.  

Online classes and workshops are also available.

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