There are many people who can be described and portrayed in thousands of words but there are few those for whom words are just not enough to describe their genuine greatness, human magnificence, and emotional richness.

— Anonymous Patient


Transformation through integrative acupuncture, Taoist healing practices, enriching self-healing, spirituality, and education.

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Rev. Dr. Diane Rooney, DMin, M.S., L.Ac. D.OM., has a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, a Doctor of Ministry, a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture as well as License in Massage Therapy, a National Certificate in Reflexology. 

Diane is also a reiki master, certified aromatherapist, board-certified herbalist, and second-year dean at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.She has taught acupuncture, Eastern healing techniques, Qi Gong and Taoism for over 20 years and is available for workshops and lectures as well as private sessions.  

Diane has recently obtained her doctorate in ministry from New York Theological Seminary in the spring of 2020.   

Diane has a background in Pediatric Oncology/Hematology providing acupuncture and integrative healthcare to patients and their families as well as staff at both St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in New Jersey and New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. 

Diane has been a senior faculty member at Tri-State college of Acupuncture as well as an independent teacher of the Eastern healing techniques and Taoism for over 20 years 

Her passion is to travel and teach self-healing techniques, through a Taoist lens, to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity both nationally and internationally.  

Diane has her own private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico and New York City. She holds the 2014 award for Worldwide Leader in Health Care, Top Integrative Acupuncturist. She is co-author of many books and research articles on the effectiveness of Chinese medicine.

Diane’s approach to treating patients makes her unique.  She offers her healing sessions by treating one person per hour.  She does not leave the room as she spends the time incorporating additional therapies that are needed to augment the acupuncture treatment.  

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